How to Fax From a Smartphone

Fax From Cell Phone

First, the good news: It is possible to send a fax from a smartphone or tablet — doesn’t matter if you use iPhone or Android.

That said, you’ll need an online faxing service’s app to send your fax. There isn’t really a free third-party faxing phone app that will send faxes reliably without a charge, no matter the promotional claims. Fortunately, the cost to send a fax with a smartphone is less than making a long-distance call.

Figuring out how to fax from a phone is as simple as installing a free app and then purchasing a subscription service or “credits” within the app to send pages. The two most popular internet faxing services, eFax and iFax both have applications available in the Apple Store and Google Play (Android).

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What to Know About Faxing From a Smartphone

  • You must have a smartphone that has data or Wi-Fi access.
  • Faxes arrive as common PDF documents which can then be saved to a cloud, printed, downloaded, or deleted.
  • Using a faxing app is optional.

Subscription or Credits?

If you already have a monthly subscription to one of the online fax services, then the app will simply connect to your account. A monthly subscription is best for home offices, digital nomads, and anyone else who needs frequent location-independent internet faxing.

The credit system allows people to purchase credits through the app in advance, then use those credits for faxing. Sending a fax to different countries may cost different amounts of credits. Although you’ll have to worry about the number of pages consuming too many credits.

Other Ways to Fax From a Phone

Technically, even if you subscribe to the eFax or iFax service, you don’t have to install their application. You’ll still be able to use your regular email account to send and receive faxes online per the usual way (as an attachment to a special email address). You can also send the fax directly and seamlessly from the iFax web interface.

Although installing a faxing app is optional, one benefit of using an application to send a fax from a smartphone is that they have built-in organizational tools that allow you to view old faxes, see fax history, and resend past faxes with the touch of a button. You’ll also be able to sign faxes electronically or generate cover sheets (a very useful feature) before sending them.