How to Send an Internet Fax

fax machine

Learning how to send an internet fax is very straightforward. And it’s definitely the smartest way to get a document somewhere fast! If you can send an email, you can send a fax online using one of the major services.


You start by attaching a document (usually PDF) to a regular email message. This can be a Microsoft Word file, a graphic, a drawing, GIF, PDF, TIFF, or anything you want to fax.

Send your email just as you normally would, but you addresses the message to the recipient’s fax number at the fax service – (for example:

Your recipient will receive the fax on their machine just as they normally would, and will never know that it was sent over the internet!

How to Receive an Internet Fax From Someone

Your online fax service will provide you with an actual landline phone number to use and give out appropriately.

The sender sends a fax to this number just as they normally would from their machine.

Your fax over internet service transparently converts their transmission into an image file and sends it to your regular email account. Just as with any email attachment, you can print the file or just store it on your computer. Faxes are backed up, can be printed multiple times, forwarded to other recipients, etc.

It’s that easy!

Per AT&T, the cost per minute to fax from the United States to a landline in China is over US $3.50 per minute (2017 prices without any special international calling plan). Your fax may take several minutes to connect and go through.

For the cost of that single fax, you could sign up for an online internet faxing service.

Two of the leaders for fax to email service are eFax and MyFax. These services allow you to send unlimited international faxes simply through your regular email for cheaper than a single long-distance phone call. Both offer 30-day trials that you can cancel if not satisfied.