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Sending an international fax to the Philippines from the United States is simple enough. You just need to enter the international dialing prefix for the United States ( 011 ) followed by the country code for the Philippines ( 63 ) and the recipient’s area code + phone number.

Your dialing string should look like this:

011 – [63] – [fax number in the Philippines]

No matter which island you want to fax in the Philippines, you’ll use the same country code ( 63 ).

Tips for Sending a Fax to the Philippines

  • Drop the leading ( 0 ) in the phone number, if any. You’ll see the leading ( 0 ) if you’re given a number in local format with no country code preceding it.
  • The area code for Metro Manila is ( 2 ). Area codes are typically 1-3 digits in the Philippines.
  • Phone numbers are fixed at 7 digits.
  • Be sure to prefix everything with a “9” if you are dialing from behind a company phone switch.

How to Send a Fax to Manila

The area code for Manila is ( 2 ), so to send a fax to Manila from the United States, use this fax number example to get a better idea of how your dialing string will look:

011 – [63] – [2] – [fax number in the Philippines]

Slow Telephone Networks

Sometimes fax machines dial faster than international phone networks can keep up! If that happens, you’ll have to add some “pause” characters in the dialing string.

After the “011” try adding a comma ( , ) or pound sign ( # ) to make the machine pause briefly while dialing. Settings vary from model to model of fax machine, but usually one of the two (comma or #) will work.

The best practice is to dial using the speakerphone or while the line is on “the hook” so you can hear what is going on.

The default baud rate is probably set quite high. Ordinarily, this is a good thing. But if the fax machines can’t establish a handshake because of noise on the line, you may have to lower the speed to 9600 baud. Keep in mind that doing so greatly slows down your transmission and lengthens the time of the long-distance call.

Sending a fax to the Philippines can be pricey if you’re making several long-distance attempts. Depending on your carrier, the cost can be $1-2 per minute.

How to Send the Fax With Your Computer or Smartphone

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