How to Fax Singapore

Singapore flag

Learning how to fax Singapore is easy. Although the distance is far from the United States, the telephone network and infrastructure are great in the tiny nation/city/island!

What You Need to Know

  • The country code for Singapore is ( 65 ).
  • To dial international numbers from the United States, you must dial ( 011 ) first.
  • Phone numbers in Singapore are usually eight digits.
  • Fixed landlines in Singapore — including fax lines — will probably begin with either a ( 3 ) or ( 6 ).

Sending a Fax to Singapore From the U.S.

To send a fax, use this sequence on your machine:

011-65-[fax number in Singapore]

How to Fax Singapore From Malaysia

People frequently need to send a fax to Singapore from Malaysia. The two neighbors do a lot of business together. Don’t worry: faxing from Malaysia to Singapore is sangat mudah! (very easy)

If in Malaysia, dial ’00’ to get an international line. The country telephone code for Singapore is ’65’. Your dialing string will look like this:

00-65-[fax number in Singapore]


  • If you have trouble keeping a reliable connection, try lowering the baud rate on your machine to 9600 or less.
  • If the phone network is slow, you’ll need to insert commas or pound signs ( # ) between the international prefix and the country code. Which you use depends on the make of your fax machine.
  • Good faxing etiquette calls for using a cover sheet (here is a free generic cover sheet) when sending a fax to Singapore.

How to Fax Singapore Using Your Computer

There are plenty of internet faxing services, however, eFax and myfax are certainly the most popular. Both are implemented by small businesses and corporations around the world. By using an email-fax service, you can send PDF documents and images as faxes simply by including them as attachments to a regular email.

Even better, the price of these services is often less than the phone call to Singapore from the U.S.