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Figuring out how to fax Malaysia is fairly straightforward. Connections to Kuala Lumpur and major hubs are usually good, however, getting a fax through to one of the islands can be a lot more challenging. Power outages and phone-network noise are sometimes problems.

  • The country code for Malaysia is ( 60 ).
  • To dial outside of the U.S., first dial ( 011 ).
  • Malaysian numbers are usually eight or nine digits.
  • If the building from which you are dialing has a phone switch, you may have to dial ( 9 ) first for an outside line.

To send a fax to Malaysia from the United States, enter the following into your machine:

011 – 60 – [fax number in Malaysia]

How to Fax Malaysia From Singapore

The two neighbors do a lot of business together. Singapore has two international prefixes (000 and 001); you’ll have to use the one that corresponds with your current telephone provider.

To send a fax from Singapore to Malaysia, enter the following dialing string:

000 or 001 – 60 – [fax number in Malaysia]

How to Fax Kuala Lumpur

The area code for Kuala Lumpur is ( 3 ). If dialing from outside of Malaysia, you can drop the leading zero. The dialing string to fax Kuala Lumpur looks like this:

  • From the U.S.: 001 – 60 – 3 – [fax number in Kuala Lumpur]
  • From Singapore: 000 or 001 – 60 – 3 – [fax number in Kuala Lumpur]

Area Codes in Malaysia

Alor Setar 4 Kota Bahru 9 Port Dickson 6
Ampang 3 Kota Kinabalu 88 Rawang 3
Batu Pahat 7 Kuala Lumpur 3 Sandakan 89
Bintulu 86 Kuala Terengganu 9 Selayang 3
Bukit Mertajam 4 Kuantan 9 Seremban 6
Butterworth 4 Kuching 82 Shah Alam 3
Chukai 9 Kulim 4 Sibu 84
George Town 4 Lahad Datu 89 Subang Jaya 3
Ipoh 5 Malacca 6 Sungai Ara 4
Johor Bahru 7 Miri 85 Sungai Petani 4
Kajang 3 Muar 6 Taiping 5
Klang 3 Pasir Gudang 7 Tawau 89
Kluang 7 Petaling Jaya 3 Teluk Intan 5

Tip: If dialing to remote places or you suspect that noise on the line is causing your fax to Malaysia to fail halfway through, try lowering the baud rate on your machine to 9600.

How to Fax Malaysia via Email

Unfortunately, lowering the baud rate significantly lengthens the amount of time spent on a long-distance call, and calls to Malaysia from the U.S. aren’t cheap!

If you need to send a fax to Malaysia, consider signing up for one of the internet faxing services that allow you to send documents from your email to regular fax machines.

The two most popular and reliable choices for sending international faxes are eFax and iFax. Both services offer a free trial.