Israel flag

The procedure for how to fax Israel from the United States is the same as faxing other international countries. You just need to dial the international calling prefix for the U.S. ( 011 ) followed by the country code ( 972 ) then the area code and number to fax.

To send a fax to Israel, use this dialing string:

011 – 972 – [fax number in Israel]

That’s it! Straightforward, but keep these things in mind:

  • If you normally dial a “9” to exit your company phone network to access an outside line, see instructions for adding dialing delays below.
  • Good faxing etiquette calls for using a cover sheet each time. Keep it simple — save the recipient some ink!
  • The cost of a long-distance call from the United States to Israel may be surprisingly expensive. You are dialing from a landline to another landline; connection fees may apply. Consider sending your fax electronically using an app, email, or website such as iFax.

Useful Area Codes for Faxing Israel

  • Jerusalem: 2
  • Tel Aviv: 3
  • Haifa and Northern District: 4
  • Lowland and Southern District: 8
  • Sharon: 9

The dialing instructions for how to fax Jerusalem will look like this:

011 – 972 – 2 – [fax number in Jerusalem]

For Slow Connections

When calling international countries, there may be slight delays in the phone network. Ordinarily, you can talk around these. But even the smallest delay can cause problems on a data transmission such as fax.

If your fax machine is dialing too quickly (particularly if you need to dial a ( 9 ) to reach an outside line), you may need to insert some pauses into the dialing string. These differ between fax machine manufacturers but are most often either a comma ( , )’ or a pound sign ( # ).

The new dialing string for a slow connection when faxing Israel may look like this:

011 , , 972 , [fax number in Israel]

Another trick is to lower the baud rate of your machine to a maximum of 9600. This creates a more stable connection on a noisy line, however, it will greatly reduce the speed of transmission — particularly of graphics. A slow connection means a more expensive long-distance call!