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Learning how to fax Ireland is easy, although faxing to Northern Ireland follows a slightly different convention.

  • The country code for the Republic of Ireland is ( 353 ).
  • To dial outside of the U.S., first dial the international dialing prefix of ( 011 ).
  • Phone numbers in Ireland are usually between five or seven digits (excluding area code).
  • If the business from which you are faxing has a phone switch, you may have to dial ( 9 ) first for an outside line.
  • Using a fax cover sheet is polite and professional.

To send a fax to the Republic of Ireland, enter the following:

011 – 353 – [fax number in the Republic of Ireland]

* ( 011 ) is the international dialing prefix for the U.S. This may be different if calling from another country.

How to Fax Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a part of the UK phone scheme, so you’ll need to follow the procedures for sending a fax to the UK. Use the country code ( 44 ) rather than ( 313 ). If sending a fax from the Republic of Ireland, you can use the dialing prefix ( 048 ).

To send a fax to Northern Ireland from the U.S., dial the following:

011 – 44 – [fax number in Northern Ireland]

Faxing Ireland from the UK

If you need to send a fax to Ireland from the UK (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales), use the following dialing codes:

00 – 353 – [fax number in Ireland]

How to Fax Ireland via Email

Unfortunately, international calls from abroad to Ireland aren’t particularly cheap!

If you need to send a fax quickly, consider signing up for one of the online faxing services that allow you to send PDF and image documents from your email to traditional fax machines.

The two most popular and easiest-to-use choices for sending international faxes are eFax and iFax. Both sites offer inexpensive online faxing. You can use code GREG15 on iFax to send a fax to any country in the world, not just Ireland.