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Make no mistake: China is busy!

If you want to stay at the cutting edge of doing business, especially manufacturing, you’ll need to know how to fax China from time to time. The quickest solution is to send your fax over the internet, however, you can still send it the traditional way.

To send a fax to China from the United States, dial the number like this:

011 – 86 – [area code] – [phone number]

  • 011 is how you get an international line from the U.S.
  • ( 86 ) is the country code for faxing China.

Area codes are usually 2 – 4 digits and phone numbers are usually 6 – 8 digits.

A better option is to send your fax using email with a service such as eFax. These services allow you to send unlimited international faxes to China through your regular email by attaching a file to it. The cost is often cheaper than a single long-distance phone call to Asia. Per AT&T’s 2017 prices, the cost per minute to fax a land line in China from the United States is US $3.50 per minute!

Note: Some subjects may be considered “sensitive” by the government and are not suitable for faxing to China. Be careful what you send! For instance, the whole of Wikipedia, along with many of the top social media sites, are censored in China.

Here are some popular area codes for China:

Beijing 10 Jilin 432 Weifang 536
Anshan 412 HuaiYin 517 Tianjin 22
Changchun 431 Jinan 531 Wuhan 27
Chengdu 28 Nanjing 25 Wuxi 510
Chongqing 23 Ningbo 574 Xi’an 29
Dalian 411 Qingdao 532 Xiangfan 710
Guangzhou 20 Shanghai 21 Yangzhou 514
Hangzhou 571 Shenyang 24 Yantai 535
Harbin 451 Suizhou 722 Zaozhuang 632
Huaibei 561 Tai’an 538 Zibo 533

More Information About Faxing China

( 86 ) is the country code for China and ( 011 ) is the international prefix number from America. Add a “9” if you normally do to access a line outside of your company’s phone switch.

It will usually be necessary to insert a pause in your dialing sequence after the “86” to allow the phone network time to connect you to an exchange. This differs by make of machine, but may be a comma or “#” sign inserted into the number.

Sending a fax to China can be very expensive from a regular phone line — particularly if you have to try the connection more than once.

Read more information on Wikipedia about dialing China.