Green Fax

Green Fax

Green Fax” is the nickname given to keeping faxes only between two computers rather than fax machines to eliminate paper and ink waste.

Also referred to as “paperless faxing” or “electronic faxing,” the act of sending a fax by internet eliminates the need for paper on both ends of the transaction and also the need for toner, which is a proven environmental contaminate.

Email-to-fax services charge a monthly fee to fax unlimited documents over the internet, saving paper and ink. The cost savings of eliminating a dedicated phone line, monthly toner, and paper is usually a better fit for small businesses.

Millions of trees are cut down annually, mostly in the Pacific Northwest and Canada, to support the need for computer paper. By changing your business over to fax by internet, you are doing your part to eliminate this waste. Sadly, 80% of printed faxes that are printed are discarded — on the same business day — after reading. A paperless office is both more green and streamlined for doing business in the modern, connected world.

With the ability to send attached documents via email, really the only need for online faxing is to support traditional fax machines connected by telephone line. If everyone got on board and converted their offices over to a Business 2.0 format, a lot of waste (and expense) on the part of the business owner could be eliminated.