How to Fax Another Country

Online and with International Dialing Codes

Learn how to send an international fax either online or with a machine! See example fax numbers for countries and exactly what to dial.

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We Can Help You Send a Fax

Wondering how to fax another country? We can help! Get cover sheets, dialing codes, machine settings, example fax numbers, and more.

If you still can’t get your fax to go through, contact us for instructions.

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International Dialing Codes

Just search for the country you want to fax.

Send an International Fax

Quickly and easily fax any country in the world.

Fax Cover Sheets

Feel free to use our free generic fax cover sheet.

Fax Using a Smartphone

With the iFax app, you can send a fax straight from your phone.

Fax Online With iFax

We partnered with iFax, a leader in online faxing. You’ll quickly be able to send a fax over the internet using their website, app, or your email.

Sending a fax with your computer is faster and more cost efficient than dialing an international long-distance number with a landline.

Try it for free!

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