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How to Fax Mexico

How to Fax Mexico

The quickest way to fax Mexico is to send your document as a PDF by using eFax. But you can also send a fax to Mexico from the U.S. on a traditional fax machine — just enter the number as follows:

011-52-[number you want to fax in Mexico]

The country code for Mexico is 52. You must dial 011 for the international access prefix to make calls from the U.S. Be sure to add a “9” if you normally need one to access a line outside of your company’s phone switch.

It may be necessary to insert a pause in your dialing sequence after the “011” to allow the phone network time to connect you to an exchange. This differs by model and make of machine, but may be a comma or “#” sign inserted into the number.

If you receive a bad connection to Mexico, you may need to reduce the baud rate on your machine to ensure a noise free transmission.

Sending a fax to Mexico can be expensive. If you do so often, it would be best to join one of the online services for a free trial. You cancel if you’re not satisfied.

Send a fax to Mexico with email

Another option is to sign up for a fax-to-email service such as MyFax. These services allow you to send unlimited international faxes simply through your regular email for cheaper than a single long distance phone call to Mexico or other international numbers.