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How to Fax Korea

fax to KoreaNote: These are instructions for how to fax South Korea (the Republic of Korea).

To transmit your documents, use the following settings:

  • The country code for South Korea is ( 82 ).
  • You first have to dial the International Access Code for the U.S. and Canada: ( 011 ).
  • Land lines in Korea are typically 8 – 10 numbers long, including the area code.

To send a fax to Korea, the dial string should look like this:

011 – 82 – [fax number in Korea]

Sending a Fax to Seoul

The area code for Seoul, Korea, is ( 2 ). So to send a fax to Seoul, dial this:

011 – 82 – 2 – [fax number in Korea]

Fax Machine Settings

Because of delays in the phone network, it may be necessary to insert a pause between the access code and the country code. Settings vary by machine, but a pause can usually be inserted with either ‘#’ or a comma. For instance: “011 , 82 , , [fax number in Korea].

How to Fax Korea Online

A call to Korea is obviously not cheap. And you may have to make several attempts to get a fax to go through properly. The fastest way to get a document there is to use an online faxing service. These services allow you to send a PDF (or other) document from your email to a regular fax number in Korea.

The two easiest-to-use options are Efax and myfax. Both sites offer a free 30-day trial that will get your fax to Korea sent.

Area Codes in Korea

Seoul 2; Ansan 31; Goyang 31; Paju 31; Anyang 31; Gumi 54; Pohang 54; Bucheon 31; Gwangju 62; Pyeongtaek 31; Busan 51; Gwangmyeong 31; Seongnam 31; Changwon 55; Hwaseong 31; Cheonan 41; Incheon 32; Siheung 31; Cheongju 43; Jeju 64; Suwon 31; Daegu 53; Jeonju 63; Uijeongbu 31; Daejeon 42; Jinju 55; Ulsan 52; Gimhae 55; Namyangju 31; Yongin 31.