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Fax Machine If you’re here to figure out how to fax an international number — wait! You’ll find many companies offering international faxing or even free 30-day trials that you can cancel afterward if not satisfied.

Using one of these services will cost less than the long-distance phone call to send your document. While many home businesses still use traditional fax machines, the benefits of going paperless are many! There are lots of good reasons why you should join the Business 2.0 revolution for a faster, more cost-efficient approach. Here are a few reasons why online fax services are the way to go:

Save Money

  • You can eliminate the monthly expense for a dedicated phone line.
  • You will no longer have to buy paper or toner/ink cartridges.
  • No more maintenance or repairs of an aging machine are needed.
  • Most online fax services offer a 30-day free trial and cost less than $10 per month.

Escape the Office

  • Faxes will arrive in your regular email inbox.
  • You won’t have to be at the office to send or receive important documents.
  • You can send international faxes using your email or smartphone.

More Efficient

  • Documents arrive quicker over the internet than they do over a phone connection.
  • Important documents can be backed up and shared with others quickly.
  • Junk faxes and SPAM can be deleted with a click; no paper wasted.
  • No need to file paperwork. Hard copies can be printed only as needed.
  • Electronic documents are easier to read than printed versions — especially prints and schematics.
  • It is very easy to resend documents that were lost or not received on the other end.

Fax machines and all the associated headaches are quickly going the way of dial-up modems.

Send Your Fax for Free

As a location-independent professional, I’ve used both eFax and MyFax — they are the biggest in the industry and offer free trials. You can cancel later if not happy with their services. They’ll give you an actual fax number that you can give clients, providing a more professional image. Sign up, then send your international fax via email!

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